Tips for playing free fire Battleground

Free fire Battleground is an online survival game which you can play on Android and iOS devices. So here in this guide, we will give you some tips if you are a beginner and struggle with this game.

Tips for survival

Isolate yourself: As here in this game, you will have the liberty of choosing the point from where you will start to make sure you are picking the right location that will not only save you from the other enemies but will also give you the time for buying more weapons. So try to drop near the locations which are filled with loots to get more gears. You can check the place which is filled with loot and then lands there. Landing outside the town will be a wise idea. As most of the time another player normally lands before you. So you can easily pick all the good weapons and shoot the enemies who will be landing from the sky. So try to play safe because you have to kill dozens of player so risking your life for just killing two or three enemies is not a good shot.

Cover yourself: You are always in the danger of getting an attack. Solve this by avoiding any situation where you will be vulnerable or exposed to weapons like snipers. So before taking any more, you should consider the path and analyze it properly and then check the areas where it is easy to hide. You can also crouch in between the covers for minimizing the exposure. As you will move a lot in this game so it can get quite tedious for you.

Minimap: Minimap is the only key to survive more in this game because it not only gives you the signal of danger but will also help you to find the safe zones. As while playing the game, you will hear gunshots which will be quite difficult to speculate from which direction it is coming. So you can use the mini map for confirming the gun fire’s location. Always stay the cover and check the Mini map. When you find any danger, you can either run away from it or try to approach it by moving slowly. It also gives you the opportunity of ambushing the wounded players.

Right gear: Do not land on the battlefield unarmed. Try to buy as many equipment as you can and take all the gears which you find in your way. Always choose the equipment and update them which will help you to survive in this game more. You can choose the rifles or snipers, and you should also get the helmet. This will help you to reduce the damage which can occur due to headshots and will help you to stay alive for a long time. Also, buy a backpack which will help you to collect all the resources which you have looted. Buy the vest which will help you to protect the torso when you face any body shots. So always opt for the items which will help you to reduce the damage.

Character: Every character will have its features, and they will differ from each other regarding speed, aim, health, firing as well as looks. So always select the one that will fit your requirement and will improve your gameplay. So keep upgrading the character to gain more abilities as well as unlock some new features.

These tips will help you to start the game properly. When you play the game for long hours, you will be skilled with the moves. You can also opt to cheat free fire battlegrounds for gaining more resources because for upgrading the weapons you will have to spend resources. It is also recommended to open the app every day to get some extra benefits.