Best Hay Day Tricks – Updated Version

First step is to download the Hay Day game, it is very easy and free to download it from App store, the next step is to create a game centre account by which there is no need for you to get friends by only using face book. Then get into the game and create your farm and name it, you can learn the game tutorials to learn how to plant crops, feed animals, purchase goods and selling of goods, certain things are not available until you reach certain level. Next thing you have to plant and collect goods as much you can because visitors will be visiting your farm and pay for the goods in your farm you can earn coins, you can also earn coins by selling your goods at roadside shop to other users, by complete your delivery, collect goods from other player, harvesting more crops and in other ways. To advance level you have to earn enough coins to unlock next level, by advancing level you can enjoy the other features of the game.

There are some of the ways to play the game effectively. Making money fast will make you to get through advance levels, there are many ways to make money fast but the best among them is cropping wheat, plant wheat as often you can once it crops up, keep it for your use and sell the remaining to earn money. It is probably the easiest way to earn money fast as well boring one but you can prefer for more money. The next way is to grab diamonds, it will be given to you if you go to the next level, sometimes it will be hidden in the mystery box so keep eye on it, you can also get in tons by mining but only if you get to level 24. You may see some newspapers around you while you are playing, it is so easy for you to miss it but by gathering it you can get extra money. You can gather newspapers not only yours own but also you can steal others, there may be also chance for others to steal your own newspaper and so you should be aware of that. Don’t rush the sale, if you do so then can’t get the money you have expected. Utilize your time, if you are not playing the game it is not that the game is stopped, when you are going to sleep or work, manage the time by planting crops that takes long time to yield

New version:

The new version of the Hay Day hack android is 1.32.74, in which new features has been introduced. In this they had introduced friend book by which you can add new friends in your game and share your players tag with your friends and also search for other friends with these tags. You can also customize your friends by block and hide options. Some of the additional features are, you can grow banana tree, plant grapes, 9 new products including fruit cakes and banana pancakes, Vietnamese are added for support and new holiday decorations are available in the new version.

Best Game, My Favorite Game, the Perfect Game

The Best Game
In every gaming discussion, one popular topic always comes up: best-ness. Go to the forums any day of the week and you’ll be sure to find at least three threads that talk about best graphics in a game, best ps3 game, best rpg of this generation, etc. It’s a very, very popular topic. I do not really understand the draw of the topic but it gets everyone talking and even if they’re flame baits, they end up having pages and pages of discussion.

To me, this is a bit disappointing cause I still can’t see this discussion as anything more than needless game comparisons. I can definitely understand why it’s exciting to pit all these games against one another to come to an agreement about which game is the winner and all, but claiming a certain game as a best in something makes everything feel much too arbitrary. In fact, these discussions get worse when people do indeed try to become arbitrary by brining in metacrictic scores and ign top 100’s and whatnot.

I know I’ve said something like this a millionth time now on my gamdpad but since I can argue that there is no one game that everyone can love, there surely is no such thing as the best game. Everyone’s tastes are so different that what may be best for one person may not be for another.

Even things that sound pretty objective such as best graphics is actually pretty subjective. Even when technically, Crysis is definitely the game that showcases this amazing graphics, I can argue that it’s not. You may think I’m crazy for doing so but I can do this by saying that to me, great graphics mean amazing performance (no lags, no frame rate stutters), extremely slick texture quality, and best possible resolution. If we’re going by this, Crysis loses to Wipeout HD. If we’re going by amazing facial expressions and extremely detailed character models and crazy particle effects, MGS4 takes the cake. And of course, if we’re going by overall graphics, well then, we’re gonna be all over the place, with pc elitists saying that console gamers should not even be discussing graphics and many people arguing for the importance of art style and whatnot. What we got here is nothing more than opinions and only opinions, thus proving that there can be no such thing as a game that has the best graphics.

Graphics is not the only example where best-ness cannot be proven. Best music? Best weapons? Best shooter of the year? All of it utterly fails. And like I said before, this is exactly why I hate VGAs of any kind. I’m sorry if that offends any of you users who make blogs of VGAs but that’s just how I see it. I know some of you take real effort to make your VGAs and I respect you for that, but I won’t read them cause I see the whole concept as pointless. And if you think that’s wrong of me, feel free to thumb this blog down or pm me or whatever. 🙂

Anywho, in conclusion, the best game of any kind does not and cannot exist. So let’s talk about things that actually can exist.

My Favorite Game
This is a hard one too especially since to pick one game out of so many amazing games that have come out in the past is an extremely, extremely hard task. I mean, ask me what my favorite PC game is and I won’t be able to give you an answer. I might be able to give you my list of top 10 favorite pc games but still, I won’t be able to do it. But this concept, unlike best-ness (I love using this non-word btw), is possible and makes total sense.

It makes sense because favorite-ness (yes, another non-word!) doesn’t imply that my word is the absolute and the only truth. If you say that my favorite FPS game is Duke Nukem 3D then I’m perfectly okay with that. I have no desire to argue against it but just an incentive to say what my favorite is. Favorite-ness shows that it’s an opinion and thus it doesn’t cause any conflicts.

And it’s also very possible. Sure me naming my favorite PC game is really really hard but I can definitely tell you what my favorite rts game is (Shogun: Total War), and even what my favorite game of the year is (MGS4).

Favorite-ness however is all too similar to best-ness. Even though it makes sense and the concept definitely can exist without being contradictory, it’s still pointless. It’s less of a game comparison, but it just doesn’t feel that important to say. If you love a game, then I think it’s simply enough to state that love instead of brining all this talk about favoriteness and whatnot.

So if the discussion of a favorite game is pointless, what is a similar topic that is pointful? (man, I’m making a lot of non-words today) And this is where my blog today becomes a bit controversial, not that it isn’t already.

The Perfect Game
The biggest controversy right off the bat of course is, does a perfect game exist? Moreove, can a perfect game even exist?

I would argue that it can and that it does, but only if it’s viewed like this: (1)flawlessness meaning no glitches and no bugs that hinder the experience (2)it couldn’t have been made better technically regarding the platform it’s released on and the time of its release, and (3) all its mechanics work as perfectly intended.

Considering these three things, it’s possible for what I would consider a perfect game to have some annoying design choices or even some things that could make the game better (as long as that something couldn’t be done because of hardware limitations or because it couldn’t be done at the time).

The controversial part about this deal is which part of the game we consider as couldn’t be done better. This is the subjective field about this matter. I would argue that Grand Theft Liberty City Story controls are perfect, that it couldn’t be done matter, especially regarding the limitations of PSP. It works and it doesn’t have any flaws so to me, it’s perfect. Of course, it definitely could have been better but only if it wasn’t for the PSP where two analog sticks and four shoulder buttons are possible. Whether I’m right or not about this is controversial but when it comes to perfectness, it’s something that can have very valid points on either side, which isn’t true for best-ness or even favorite-ness.

It also doesn’t single out one game. There can be multiple perfect games. When someone says the best game or the favorite game of a certain thing, he/she is limited to talking about only one game. For example, when someone talks about the best shooter or his/her favorite shooter, that talk can only be limited to one game. When it comes to perfectness however, it’s easy to talk about the perfect games in the shooter genre. This opens up the discussion to a whole new level.

When it’s opened up, this dicussion actually can become really important. When we’re talking about perfect games, while we do enter a realm of subjectivity on certain aspects, we’re also talking about the gaming industry as a whole, its great/lackluster past/present and its potential future. Talking about perfect games thus I feel can be really important and pointful. This discussion isn’t a simple and needless game comparison but an analysis and exploration of what games truly stand out as perfect to us.

The danger to this discussion is of course its arbitrariness. When I say that I think Metal Gear Solid is a perfect game overall, this shouldn’t ever mean that someone could have an opposing opinion about it. That is a very controversial statement. the disccusion should be about what makes Metal Gear Solid perfect (or flawed) and not about why it just totally isn’t perfect/flawed.

Overall though, I think talking about perfect games could make game discussions more important and more interesting than simply talking about the best games and the favorite games. In a Kwonsteinian world, The Perfect Game wins against the other two.

Clash of Clans Hack

Clash of clans as all gamers know is a popular iPod, iPhone and iPad game that was created by supercell. Playing clash of clans is absolutely free but there are additional currencies within the game that players require purchasing using money from the apple app store. Those who are searching for free gems, gold, and elixir for the game then you can make use of clash of clans hack. This is a hack tool that allows the users to gain ultimate secret file that will, in turn, provide them to an unlimited amount of resources and gold. This hack tool is compatible with all kinds of devices like android and iOS.

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Some of the unique features of this tool are given below.

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How to use of clash of clans hack tool?

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How to get free gems in clash of clans?

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It brings you a closer to unlimited diamonds, unlimited free gems, unlimited elixirs and additional warriors. It is better than downloading any hack tool application and this tool is purely online. It protects your account from virus and spyware and ensures no one has access to your account.This tool gives you an unlimited resource including gems, diamonds, and elixirs and so on.

It saves you the time that will have been wasted to get these resources on your account from the developers. This tool is totally free that saves you the pain of buying fake gems from some websites

Hack tool is a program that allows you to hack your clash of clans account with ease and get items for free.

Complete Review about Clash Royale – Tips Included

If you are willing to play the strategy game then clash royale is the ideal choice because it is designed with the excellent features and gameplay. In fact this game is developed by the Supercell so players can play the attractive clash royale game. If a player is getting more numbers of win rates and card rates then they can easily win this game. In a present day it is designed with the excellent features and highly defensive options. If you are following tips and techniques then you can easily win this game. As everyone knows there are vast numbers of games are available in online but it is the having unique gameplay. In a modern world many of the people are providing positive feedback to this game because it is the multiplayer online battle game. It is the development company of Supercell and players are ranked by the level, arena and trophies. In fact the maximum level of clash royale game is thirteen and it is having ten arenas so that people can easily play this game. Kings tower is the most important one because if you are destroying your opponent then you can easily win this game.

Excellent benefits of playing clash royale game

Clash royale is the freemium game so players are having ability to buy the purchase items gems because it is the most important resource in this game. If you are having more numbers of this resource then you might easily win this game. Basically gems are helpful to purchase the cards, chests and gold so having gems is most important. In case you are getting golden chest then it is taking 8 hours to unlock the cards. This game is consisting of different kinds of cards and if you are having more numbers of troop cards then you can easily win this game. In fact this game is soft launched in the Australia, Denmark and Canada. It is the attractive game and there are different types of victory challenges are available in this game. Once you are winning this game then you can get the vast numbers of trophies. If you are forming the clans then you might increase your winning possibility. In case you are playing this game then you can get the vast numbers of benefits. The first thing it is increased your memory power because you should use some strategy to play this game. One of the solid reasons for playing clash royale game that is designed with the excellent features such as tournament.

A complete review about clash royale game

In case you are willing to play the clash royale then you can play along with your family members and you are awarded by the tournament based on your tournament performance. Supercell is announced that there are vast numbers of features are released in latest version of clash royale game. This game is not allowing fighting with your opponent but also you can fight with your clan members in private battle. It is launched across the world so there are vast numbers of people are diehard for this game. If you are participating to the friendly battles then you might earn more numbers of chests. It is the most popular game and gems are most important resource so try to get vast numbers of gems by using clash royale cheats. For playing cards player must earn elixir because it is automatically replenished in every 2.8 seconds. Chests are taking certain amount for unlocking the cards but if you are using gems then you can immediately unlock the cards. Basically clash royale is received the very positive response among the mobile users so choose this game for playing clash royale game.