HTC SMT5800 Smartphone – Product Review

The HTC SMT5800 smartphone is only available from Verizon on a contract of two years for $199. There are also mail-in refunds available for increased savings. The HTC SMT5800 looks professional, well put together and compact for convenience. It has Windows Mobile Standard software installed and also the fashionable QWERTY keyboard and well as a standard keypad. Convenience is the hallmark of this HTC smartphone. The HTC SMT5800 smartphone does not keep up to speed when dialing a number but does provide excellent facilities for organization applications such as calendar and tasks. A notes application is not installed but there is the office suite for using PowerPoint, word, and excel documents. It is strange that editing on word and excel is accessible but creating new documents is not. Audi tests allowed the HTC SMT5800 smartphone to come up with full marks. Incoming and outgoing calls provided quality audio and the sound of your own voice also projects just how it should. This allows you to judge the sound of you own voice and prevent situations where you may end up shouting into the HTC SMT5800 smartphone.

A 2 mega pixel fixed focus camera is installed on the HTC SMT5800 smartphone unfortunely not giving good impressions on photo quality. Don’t think about framing photos that you have took with the HTC SMT5800 smartphone camera, but you can use the Music and video playback offered by windows media player mobile. This also allows you to synchronize music from your PC and you can watch or listen to content from Microsoft’s DRM. If listening to music then be sure to be near a power point as the battery life is only 5 hours. This is well under the par for a standard cell phone. Along with windows mobile standard the HTC SMT5800 smartphone also has internet explorer mobile installed but it is not exactly with the times and could be quicker. Compared to most browsers on mobile phones it performs well but not as good as the iPhone or Series 60 browsers. The HTC SMT5800 has a QWERTY keyboard which allows an average of 47 words a minute, combine this with the email functions provided by Windows Mobile Standard and you have a well performing messaging device. The HTC SMT5800 does however lack in certain areas and this can frustrate some users.


As much as we can expect from the HTC SMT5800 smartphone is delivered. There is room for improvement however the excellent messaging features and audio quality make up for areas where the HTC SMT5800 is lacking.