Best Hay Day Tricks – Updated Version

First step is to download the Hay Day game, it is very easy and free to download it from App store, the next step is to create a game centre account by which there is no need for you to get friends by only using face book. Then get into the game and create your farm and name it, you can learn the game tutorials to learn how to plant crops, feed animals, purchase goods and selling of goods, certain things are not available until you reach certain level. Next thing you have to plant and collect goods as much you can because visitors will be visiting your farm and pay for the goods in your farm you can earn coins, you can also earn coins by selling your goods at roadside shop to other users, by complete your delivery, collect goods from other player, harvesting more crops and in other ways. To advance level you have to earn enough coins to unlock next level, by advancing level you can enjoy the other features of the game.

There are some of the ways to play the game effectively. Making money fast will make you to get through advance levels, there are many ways to make money fast but the best among them is cropping wheat, plant wheat as often you can once it crops up, keep it for your use and sell the remaining to earn money. It is probably the easiest way to earn money fast as well boring one but you can prefer for more money. The next way is to grab diamonds, it will be given to you if you go to the next level, sometimes it will be hidden in the mystery box so keep eye on it, you can also get in tons by mining but only if you get to level 24. You may see some newspapers around you while you are playing, it is so easy for you to miss it but by gathering it you can get extra money. You can gather newspapers not only yours own but also you can steal others, there may be also chance for others to steal your own newspaper and so you should be aware of that. Don’t rush the sale, if you do so then can’t get the money you have expected. Utilize your time, if you are not playing the game it is not that the game is stopped, when you are going to sleep or work, manage the time by planting crops that takes long time to yield

New version:

The new version of the Hay Day hack android is 1.32.74, in which new features has been introduced. In this they had introduced friend book by which you can add new friends in your game and share your players tag with your friends and also search for other friends with these tags. You can also customize your friends by block and hide options. Some of the additional features are, you can grow banana tree, plant grapes, 9 new products including fruit cakes and banana pancakes, Vietnamese are added for support and new holiday decorations are available in the new version.